The FLAILAS Vision:

  • To turn-out qualitative Diploma holders in law, providing middle cadre manpower (clerks, registrars, paralegals etc) for empowerment in the judiciary and law firms.
  • To produce qualified Arabic , Islamic Studies, and Hausa teachers for Universal Basic Education (UBE).
  • To turn-out youths who will be self-reliant and self employed by establishing their own Islamiyah Nursery and Primary School.
  • To Provide Adult Education training services to traditional (Zaure) Quranic Scholars available all over the state.






Employable Graduates


Provost's Welcome Note

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu. I am delighted to sincerely welcome both old and new students to Fati Lami Abubakar Institute for Legal and Administrative Studies, Minna.

As it is said, Many are called but few are chosen. Those of you admitted are indeed the lucky ones and it is my hope that you will not give this institution a cause to regret admitting you. It is my hope also that you will make us proud by excelling in your studies here and later wherever you may decide to pursue your academic endeavour in future.

Let me remind you that your families and indeed the society in general has made enormous sacrifices for you to be here today, therefore, it is right that the society demand from you nothing less than hard work and the necessary determination; and success shall be certain, Insha-Allah. Little drops of water, they say make a mighty ocean, Effort, no matter how little, will ultimately culminate in your success and this is our wish for-you, my ... Read More

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